Sunday 15 April 2012

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Free games on Google Plus

Play Free Online Games With Your Google Plus Friends And Followers

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Share photos on Google Plus

How to Instantly Share Your Mobile Photos On Google Plus

Captured some great moments or pictures on your mobile phone? Google Plus allows you to share them on to your G+ stream with so much ease.

Edit your google plus profile

Add Your Google Profile to the Google Plus Directory

You can also add yourself to Google Plus's exhaustive directory. So people could find you easily and connect with you.

Find People to Follow on Google Plus

How cool would it be if you could find people on Google Plus and check out who to follow? There is a directory of people with

Disable or remove google buzz

Remove, Delete or Disable Google Buzz from Gmail

In case you want to remove, delete or disable Google Buzz from your GMail for whatever reasons, you can do so in a couple of clicks! There are two

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