Add Your Google Profile to the Google Plus Directory

You can also add yourself to Google Plus‘s exhaustive directory. So people could find you easily and connect with you.

I would like to know what is all this Google Plus people directory about? Before I could add my profile to it.

1. Go to Find People On Plus.

2. On the very top, click on Add Me to Directory.

Find people on Google profiles or Google plus

3. Enter your Google+ ID and email and click Add Me.

4. Copy the link provided by Find People On Plus which is in bold and click Save.

Add your profile to Google plus directory

5. Now, go to your Google Plus profile and click Edit Profile.

Edit your google plus profile

6. Click on the Links section.

Edit links on Google plus profile

7. Click Add custom link.

Add your website or links to Google Plus profile

8. Type a Label and paste the link you copied from Find People On Plus in the link box.

9. Click Save.

10. Click Finished Editing.

Edit your google plus profile

11. You will now see your Google Plus directory link listed under your existing links.

Your website link on Google Plus



Source - Find People On Plus

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