Find People to Follow on Google Plus

How cool would it be if you could find people on Google Plus and check out who to follow?

There is a directory of people with Google Plus profiles you can search and follow.

  • Find people with Google Plus profiles
  • Search for Google profiles
  • Find or make new friends, like-minded people
  • Meet, connect with your favorite people
  • You can also discover people by their interests, profession and more

Country-wise Google Plus users

City-wise Google Plus users - Currently Bangalore city has the most number of Google Plus users.

Photographers on Google Plus

Occupation-wise Google Plus users and employer-wise

See 9,647,653 individuals that you might want to check out and follow. Meet individuals like  Mark Zuckerberg in United States with 379,382 followers. Or connect with  Larry Page on Google Plus with 219,439 followers.


You can also add yourself to this exhaustive directory.

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