Facebook forces Timelines on your Facebook Pages

Facebook now forces it’s Timeline feature onto your Facebook pages, whether you like it or not! March 30th, 2012 is the last day for you to have your old design on your Facebook page.

If you like the Timeline feature, you can publish them right away if Facebook has sent you the notification.

Publish Timeline for your Facebook Page

Facebook Pages Timeline alert


Publish Facebook Page Timeline

 Admin Panel for your Facebook Page

You can view your Notifications, Messages, New Likes, and Insights of your Facebook Page.

Facebook page Admin Panel and Notifications

 Manage your Facebook Page

On the top of your page you can use the Manage menu to edit your Facebook Page.

Edit or manage your Facebook Pages from Timeline

Increase fans, build your Audience

Invite friends, create Ads, and Share your page.

Increase fans for your Facebook Page, Build Audience

 Add a Cover photo for your Facebook Page

Having a landscape photography (horizontal-style, not portrait or vertical-style) on the top of your page like the one on your Facebook profile makes your page look interesting.

Add Cover Photo for Facebook Page Timeline

Apply Cover Photo

Highlight a Photo on your Facebook Page Timeline

Uploaded a photo that means a lot to you? From your Facebook page on your stream, towards the right-top of the photo you shared, click on the Star icon to feature or highlight the photo.

Your photo will be now displayed in it’s full size so it’s clearly visible to your viewers/fans on your Facebook Page.

Feature a photo or highlight a photo on your new Facebook Page Timeline


 Multiple Facebook Pages

You can apply this new Timeline feature to all of your pages in one click.

View all Facebook Pages

Apply Timeline all Facebook Pages

 Show us your Facebook Page with the newly updated Timeline in the comments section.

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