Wednesday 25 January 2012

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How to Instantly Share Your Mobile Photos On Google Plus

Share photos on Google Plus

Captured some great moments or pictures on your mobile phone?
Google Plus allows you to share them on to your G+ stream with so much ease. If you have GPRS, 3G, wi-fi or through any means connected your mobile, the photos on your mobile are being instantly uploaded by the Instant Photo Upload application.

You can now easily share them on your Google Plus profile.

1. Log into your Google Plus profile and click on Photos. Towards the right you will notice your photos displayed under From your phone.

Photos uploaded by Instant Photo Uploader on Google Plus


2. Come back to your main stream; towards the green camera icon you will notice your pictures being displayed.

Share mobile photos on Google Plus stream using Instant Photo upload


3. Click on the picture you would like to share on your stream and fill in details and click Share.

Share photos on Google Plus



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