Google+: New Dad – Instant photo uploader

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Find who's not following you on Twitter using ManageFlitter

Instantly Find Who’s Not Following You Back on Twitter

Have you ever checked if the people whom you’re following on twitter are really following you back? Manage Flitter allows you to view who is not following you back on twitter. ... Continue Reading →
Leave Facebook Groups

How to Quit or Leave One or All Facebook Groups Instantly

In the beginning or if you joined Facebook recently, many of us or a few would have joined or connected with the groups existing on Facebook. People thought it was cool to be a part ... Continue Reading →
Diaspora, open source social networking project

Diaspora, the Open Source Social Networking Project is Sending Invites (Free Invitations here)

Well, the much awaited open source social-networking project by Diaspora is sending out private alpha invites. Like WordPress for blogging, so is their concept for social-networking. ... Continue Reading →
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