Sunday 15 April 2012

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How to Effectively Market Your Business Through Facebook

Recently I’ve been observing how people on Facebook have been marketing their Facebook Group, Facebook page, Personal website, by posting their links on existing Facebook groups or pages.

A few links I noticed of how they post their links and how they appear on your Facebook feed/wall.

Why you shouldn’t do this -

Personally I will not click on the above links to even check what it is, it kind of looks like spam. It is not a good marketing ethic. It can hamper the reputation of your business .

What should I do - 

Go to the group or page you wish to post a link, make sure you click on Write Post and then paste your group/page/website link. After you paste it, allow Facebook to fetch what the link has to make a small preview, and then select and delete the link you paste. (The preview will remain)

Creatively type what the link is about or give a catchy caption that attracts viewers on Facebook.

Finally the link you posted should look like this.


When you’re posting your links on your own Facebook page, delete the link and type something about what the link is.

Do the same when you’re posting it on your own Facebook wall.

Got any other tips about posting links on Facebook groups or pages? Do let us know in the comments section.

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