Automatically Send Twitter Updates To Your Facebook Pages

If you have one or more Facebook pages, you can easily link them with your Twitter account.

Why should I do that?
When you link your twitter account with your Facebook page, every time you post an update/status or even share anything on that particular Facebook page, it gets tweeted automatically! Cool huh?

[quote_left]This post is to let you know how to link your Twitter account with the Facebook pages you’ve created, in case if you didn’t![/quote_left]

1. Log into

2. Sign in with your credentials.

3. Click on Link to Twitter.

Link twitter account with Facebook

4. Sign in with your Twitter credentials.

5. Wait until Twitter allows Facebook to access your Twitter account.

6. You will be redirected to the Facebook Page(s) page. You will notice that your Twitter account is linked with your desired Facebook page.

Bingo! Henceforth you post an update, or share anything on the linked Facebook page, it will automatically leave a tweet on your linked Twitter account.


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