Tuesday 24 January 2012

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View Who is Subscribed to You on Facebook

Facebook Subscribers

I see that Facebook now allows you to subscribe to a friend or a person on Facebook. You can subscribe to your friends’ status updates, activities, photos, videos, games and more.

How do I view who is subscribed to my Facebook -

If you wish to see the people who are not on your Facebook friend-list and have subscribed to you who are your Facebook Subscribers, you can view them on your Facebook profile.

1. Click on the Profile link on the right-top to view your Facebook profile. Towards the left you will notice Subscribers link; this will also display the number of subscribers you have. (You will not be able to see this unless you are on your Facebook profile)

Facebook Subscribers

2. Click on Subscribers to view your Facebook subscribers who can view your updates.

Number of Facebook Subscribers to your Facebook profile

Under your name, click on Friend Subscribers to view your friends who are subscribed for your Facebook status updates, photo and video updates and more.

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