Create Contact Form for your Facebook Page

If you run a Facebook page for your business or hobbies or to showcase anything that you’re good at, and if you wish to have your Facebook fan or a follower to leave you a message or inquire about a requirement of your services offered, you should have a custom Contact form.

How to attach a contact form to my Facebook page?

1. Log onto Facebook and browse to your Facebook page and go to this link.

2. Select your Facebook page from the drop-down in case if you have many.

3. Register with ContactMe by providing your email address.

4. Click Customize form to create the form as per your requirements.

5. Get creative and click Save Form on the right to save and come back to Facebook.

6. Click More on the left below your display photo.

7. Click Edit.

8. Drag and place the tab where you wish to have it and click Done. (Note: It is important to have it on the top, or at least below your welcome page if you have one. Else, it’s going to be the last item and your fans will not be able to view the tab)

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