Amazon’s Android Tablet – Expected this November

Amazon is hiring many Android developers to launch a Android-based tablet device by November 2011.  They are simply updating its existing Kindle product to be a full color, multi-touch, 7″ tablet that will sell for $250.

Several details about the device, which has been rumored for the last year or so, were revealed by Techcrunch’s M.G. Siegler, who had a chance to see it and test it out.

They will focus more on integrating Amazon’s services instead of Google’s apps. In addition to the obvious choice of the Kindle app for reading, it will sport Amazon Cloud Player for music, Instant Video Player for movies and even Amazon’s Android App Store, rather than Google’s.

The device is expected to launch in late November and if it sells well, we may see a 10-inch version before long.

Rumors first started circulating that Amazon was working on a tablet device late last summer. Since then, that speculation turned into inevitable reality as more details leaked and Amazon began ordering the parts necessary to build a device with a touch screen. Even though the product has not been formally announced, analysts are already scrambling to predict what kind of an impact it will have. Forrester, for example, has said the device could sell as many as 5 million units in the fourth quarter.

At $250, the new Kindle will cost half as much as the least expensive iPad, which currently dominates the tablet market in the U.S.

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